2017 Recruitment Guide: What Works Right Now

Your Ultimate Guide to Hourly Employee Recruitment—The Best 2017 Recruitment Strategies and Trends

What are the industry’s best brands doing right now to attract the best workers? How do your 2017 recruitment strategies compare to what today’s hourly job seekers really care about?


Download our free ‘Ultimate 2017 Recruitment Guide’ now to find out what 3,000+ industry job seekers and employers told us about their recruiting and hiring right now, including:

  • What perks and benefits your competitors are offering—including average hourly pay
  • What hourly job seekers say they really want—and what will make your jobs stand out
  • Where employers are going to source applicants—and where applicants are actually looking
  • Why the most common screenings can be the worst for effectively evaluating candidate fit


About the ‘Ultimate 2017 Recruitment Guide’

Snagajob’s survey report eBook is the go-to guide for industry Owner/Operators, HR and Hiring Managers, and Recruiters. Our ‘2017 Recruitment Guide’ presents the most compelling and important takeaways from our annual Summer Hiring and the State of the Hourly Worker surveys.

Snagajob partnered with global firm, Wakefield Research, to conduct its 2017 surveys and analyze responses received from 1,000 industry employers and 2,000 hourly job seekers. All responses gathered Q1 2017.

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