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Over 200 partner integrations make hiring easier for you

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Find deductions with a tax credit screening integration

Take advantage of the Work Opportunity Tax Credit by screening your candidates for eligibility. You can hire great workers and get deductions that go right to your bottom line.

Get peace of mind with a background check

Background checks are immediate with integrations. You can do everything in one place and you have an easy audit trail, increasing compliance. It’s fast and easy.

Save time with a payroll integration

Increase your efficiency by only entering in data once. Say goodbye to errors from rekeying information several different times for the same employee.

What used to take us at least 30 minutes now only takes a few. We do tax credit screening, background checks, payroll and POS integrations. Instead of sitting in a backroom doing paperwork, now we can focus on the customers.
Nick S. | Hardee’s Franchise Owner

Our partners include

Tax Credit Co.
LS Screening