Try to visualize what 30M of something looks like.

It’s a huge number and one with a growth and success milestone significance attached to it for businesses. Thirty million looks like the number of self-professed fanatical “Angry Birds” players who downloaded it onto their Androids 30M times by March of this year. This is the same time that Skype announced it had registered 30M users. We throw around 30M like we can see it really clearly, when actually that number of people – or of anything – is mind boggling.

At least usually it is, but on Thursday, July 21, we here at Snagajob got a good look at it.

With great fanfare, hourly job seeker No. 30,000,000 registered on – we heard her name (Mindy from Traverse City, MI) and delighted in her becoming a part of Snagajob’s reputable, sought-after hourly hiring experience. She just might be your next employee!

Now there are 30M members and counting on engaging with hourly employers, each other and the Snaggers who care so much about the community. We realize we’ve been hitting you up with a steady stream of product updates over the past few weeks as we’ve pulled back the curtain on our ever-evolving hiring technology. But this 30M milestone for hourly job seekers and those who employ them begs for one more announcement regarding the very first product we offered when Snagajob was founded 11 years ago: Talent Sourcing.

Today, sourcing is just the beginning. Now employers automatically can administer online assessments through our Hiring Manager that determine both the skills and the thinking, working and relating characteristics of hourly applicants (not all types lumped together) by looking at an hourly-specific set of core behavioral characteristics. And they take into account what is desirable within the context of the employer’s industry and positions (not all talent management systems are capable of all this, but ours is).

The way the results are analyzed and presented prepares hiring managers to conduct insightful interviews with the highly rated applicants. So, along with the fanfare around the hourly hiring community’s 30M milestone of growth and success, there’s much excitement that we can help connect dream job seekers with dream-fulfilling jobs offered by hourly employers.