What the rise of mobile onboarding means for hourly employers.

Call it the mobile expectation. You already know that job seekers have turned to their smartphones to search and apply for jobs. Job seekers value the agility of mobile channels compared to lugging around a laptop or maintaining a paper trail. They’ve come to expect this mobile experience from potential employers.

And as they transition from “for hire” to “hired,” those expectations don’t change.

In the last 90 days, the amount of applications submitted on Snagajob from a mobile device has grown by 48 percent. Innovations like 1-Click Apply are funneling people into application flows more easily than ever, meeting their mobile expectations.

What’s really interesting, though, is that the number of workers who began their onboarding documents via a mobile device follows a similar curve. In the last six months, over 45 percent of workers started their new hire paperwork on their mobile device. That figure has big implications for employers.

Think of all the new hire paperwork your company wades through with each new hire. Employers currently spend more than 30 percent of their time completing hiring-related activities, such as processing new hire paperwork or chasing down answers for incomplete forms. That’s all time spent away from customers and other activities that can grow the business.

On the flip side, employees who have to complete new hire paperwork on-site start off behind. Filling out paperwork in the back office eats up time that could be spent out front, delaying training and more.   

That’s why the rise in online onboarding isn’t just a perk for employees. It saves real time and resources for employers. In fact, we’ve seen the number of new workers completing their new hire paperwork grow by 4.5 percent in the last 90 days—entirely due to mobile onboarding options.

It’s another reason that the ability to access and complete a task on a mobile device has gone from “nice to have” to “must have” for employers.

Your partnership with Snagajob makes all your job postings and new hire paperwork mobile-friendly. Mobile onboarding meets the mobile expectation and covers all the requirements, including tax forms, E-verify, company policy and procedures, signatures and I-9. It’s all designed to help workers quickly search, apply and get to work at your locations.

The mobile expectation just keeps growing. And you can expect Snagajob to help you meet it.