Venture capitalist  Tim Draper recently announced his proposition to divide California into six independent states. “Political representation of California’s diverse population and economies has rendered the state nearly ungovernable,” Draper said. If supporters collect more than 807,000 signatures, the November ballot will pose an option to fracture California into six new states: South California, West California, Central California, North California, Silicon Valley and Jefferson.

With the move to split California gaining traction, we started thinking about what would make each new state fun for employers. Use the descriptions below to determine which California is best suited for you.

South California – If you fancy yourself a modern day caballero then the state of Southern California is for you. This proposed state offers plenty of authentic Mexican cuisine but if you’re craving the real-deal, Tijuana is just miles from the states southern border.

West California – If you’re going to stay in West California, you better have a flair for the dramatic. As long as you can manage a crew of aspiring actors you’ll be alright. Just don’t be surprised when your new hire applications come attached with headshots.

Silicon Valley – Silicon Valley is not for the technologically challenged. To be successful here you have to be an early adopter. Invest in technology, digitize everything and hire a few robots. Don’t worry about what it does to your menu prices though. Living here means you’re probably a zillionaire, so your customers can afford it.

Central California – The large and flat landscape of this would-be state is ideal for cultivation. However, it also makes it ideal for flooding. You’ll want to beware the annual flood of hipsters too. They invade the area every year for music festivals such as Coachella.

North California – It’s hard to think of this area as a state since it’s always been considered wine country. But if you favor vino, the only way to go is up.

Jefferson – Named after Thomas Jefferson, this suggested state is home to magnificent redwood forests. Some even speculate that it’s home to the legendary Bigfoot too. Restaurants should try to incorporate bigger portion sizes in case they encounter any larger-than-life customers.

The likelihood of California legally splitting is low. Even if voters pass the agenda, Congress would still have to pass the plan. However, if supporters have their way, we’ll be adding six new stars to the flag. By November we’ll know if the proposition passes but it may not hurt to start thinking about which new state is best for you.

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