If you haven’t been able to tell, Snagajob is already in the holiday season – the holiday hiring season that is. We’ve already asked employers for their thought on seasonal hiring, so we polled job seekers on our site to learn more about what they expect from the seasonal job search.

The poll question was “When looking for a holiday job, what is most important to you?” Respondents could choose from a list of answers, such as wage and job duties, to help them determine what made a seasonal position more desirable. Over 1,000 responded and provided insight with the following results:

– The majority of job seekers believed that “flexible hours” were the most important benefit in the search for holiday job. With 38 percent of the vote, this is probably the first thing employers should keep in mind when creating job descriptions. Make sure you’re offering flexible hours during those long, holiday workdays.

– “Location/distance from home” and “wage” nearly tied as the results with the second highest number of votes; both clocked in around 22 percent on the poll. Sure, everyone wants a nice paycheck, but if your store location is biking distance or close to bus stop, that’s something you should mention as well.

– With one percent of the vote (that’s 13 job seekers out of over 1,000), coming in last on the poll, was the importance of “brand name of the company.” This doesn’t mean you should abandon your brand in an attempt to attract applicants. Post a job description that highlights the perks of working for your company.

Job seekers have provided a gift list of sorts about what they’re looking for in the ideal seasonal position – are you going to deliver?