We learned a lot from our sixth-annual holiday hiring report. According to our research, the 2013 holiday season is going to bring good sales numbers and an increase in seasonal hiring.

Of all the information we complied, some of the most exciting was the data focused on the hiring of full-time employees. According to the hiring mangers we surveyed (there were roughly 1,000 of them), 52 percent plan to keep new employees on full time.  And it looks like job seekers are on the same page: in a poll conducted on Snagajob’s website, 90 percent of job seekers want to keep working past the holiday season. So what can you do to make the most of the holiday season when it comes to hiring? Consider this list of tips to help make your seasonal hiring decisions last beyond the holidays.

Inform job seekers about full-time potential. During the seasonal recruiting process, which most hiring managers are starting around the end of September this year, let job seekers know the position has the potential to become full time. Include this information in your job description along with any benefits and perks that come with the job. Providing these details will attract applicants who should be excited to work with you year-round.

Train for the future, not for the season. Preparing for the busiest season of the year can be stressful, which can make taking the time to teach seasonal hires the ropes seem like less of a priority. However, making an effort to train for the long run ensures you have quality employees once the decorations come down and the new year begins. If it seems as though training is falling to the wayside, consider letting one of your more experienced employees do the training. With their extensive knowledge of your business and its values, a current employee can get new hires even more excited about their new job and what it has in store for them.

Find awesome people from the start. We understand that seasonal hiring can sometimes turn into a hectic race to strengthen your workforce quickly. But if you’re one of the many hiring managers looking for full-time employees who will stay on past the holidays, it’s important to find quality applicants from the beginning. Figure out the method that works best for your recruiting and hiring process, whether that’s developing a plan with your team or working with a third-party partner that understands the ins and outs of holiday hiring. Identifying awesome candidates from the start means you’re more likely to have awesome employees at the season’s end.

Holiday hiring shouldn’t be an overwhelming experience. Hopefully, these suggestions can help you successfully navigate through the upcoming season and find the right-fit employees for your workforce. Happy hiring!