Having an efficient hiring process is key to the success of every organization. Being able to find, interview and hire can be a tricky and time-consuming process. Identifying which applicants to interview and structuring an interview that will ensure you make the more informed hiring decisions can be even trickier. These tips will give you techniques that will help you find the best candidates, save time when evaluating them and give your interview more impact.

Start interviewing during the application process – Adding pre-screening questions to your application form is a great way to ask interview questions before you even meet the candidate.  This is also an extremely effective time-saving tool for you when evaluating which applicant you want to bring in for an interview. Using an applicant tracking system can help you easily create and add pre-screening questions to your applicant forms.  Additionally, you can auto-archive applicants based on their answers to specific questions, saving you time reviewing applicants that don’t meet your specific requirements.

Prepare questions in advance – Define and prepare specific questions that you will ask each applicant before you being interviewing.  This is not only an efficient practice that will make your interview more organized, but this will allow for direct comparison between applicants. Focus on open-ended questions to get as much information from the candidate as possible, stay away from yes/no questions. You want to give the candidate a chance to elaborate and give examples.

Avoid common mistakes – Stay away from common mistakes most interviewers make:

 Let the applicant do the talking – Avoid talking too much.  This will keep you from getting the information you need from them to make an informed decision.  Give an introduction at the beginning of the interview, where you spend a few minutes reviewing the position, responsibilities and what you’re looking for.  Focus the remainder of the interview on asking open-ended questions that allow the applicant to give a much detail as possible.

Relying on your memory over taking notes – You’ll likely be interviewing several applicants, it’s important to take notes.  Once you being evaluating applicants post-interview, note will make it much easier for you to compare and rank applicants, as well as identify which one is the best. HiringThing offers note taking features that allow you record notes on each applicant and sharing them with others involved in the hiring process and apply star ratings to each applicant for ranking.

Accepting general answers – Dig a little deeper to get clear answers to your questions.  You might miss an opportunity to completely understand what the applicant can offer.  Encourage examples and details wherever possible.

Ashley Morgan is the Online Marketing Manager at HiringThing, an online application provider dedicated to changing the way small and medium businesses hire talent. You can learn more about HiringThing at http://www.hiringthing.com.  Discover Hiring Happiness with HiringThing!