Finding the right candidates to work in a hospitality business environment can sometimes be challenging, not to mention time-consuming. In hospitality, it’s essential to find employees who will serve as the enthusiastic face of your business. If you’d like to streamline the interview and hiring process to find the best possible individuals to work for you, here are a few tips for a successful interview to get you moving in the right direction.

Plan ahead

Create a comprehensive framework for the interview ahead of time. Think about the key traits you hope to find in the candidate you’re interviewing, and build upon that list. Take the time to carefully evaluate the candidate’s resume, references and cover letter. The effort someone puts into applying for a position is often a great indication of that person’s work ethic in general. If you like, consider highlighting elements of the applicant’s resume that you enjoyed the most and sharing those with him or her. This will help the candidate feel more comfortable and get the conversation started on a positive note.

Be courteous

First impressions are very important, so set an example for candidates by exhibiting the kindness and respect you hope to provide customers. Prospective employees will appreciate small considerations, such as allowing them to select the most convenient time to meet or simply offering coffee during the interview. The smallest gesture goes a long way toward spreading free word-of- mouth advertising.

Ask the right questions

One of the most effective interview techniques is to assemble the questions you’d like to ask before the interview starts. Asking the right questions will reveal a lot about a candidate and provide valuable insight into his or her compatibility with your hospitality business. It’s generally not a good idea to improvise a job interview, as this may take up more time than necessary and possibly leave you with less information than you hoped for.

Listen carefully

It’s important to pay close attention not only to what a candidate is saying but how he or she is saying it. The ideal person to fill a position in hospitality should exhibit confidence, sincerity, enthusiasm, patience and an ability to communicate well. Try to get a good idea of how the applicant would hold a conversation with customers. For instance, a mumbling or shaky voice may be a sign of common nervousness, but it could also be the way the candidate typically speaks. Avoid interrupting the candidate, and practice “active listening” or simply reword his or her answers to show that you care and have been paying attention.

Be aware of nonverbal communication

Nonverbal communication is a very important aspect of interviews from both the applicant and employer sides. Maintain eye contact with the candidate and nod from time to time so he or she knows you’re listening. These same nonverbal traits should be exhibited by a qualifying candidate, so be wary of applicants who seem impatient, frustrated, bored or unmotivated.

Learn more

With the help of these interview techniques and tips, you will have a much easier time interviewing applicants for a position at your hospitality establishment. If you’d like to expedite and optimize your hiring process, visit Snagajob today. See how it works or select an integrated plan to generate quality applications and browse among our many enterprise solutions.