So you have to write a job posting. It can’t be that hard right? You probably remember the job posting you read for the position you currently have. So why is it now that you need to fill a position, it seems so difficult to put words on paper? No need to worry. Here are the top three things you need to check about your job posting to attract the most job seekers to your position.

Job titles really matter. Creative workplaces are the best! It’s great to have amazing culture, a great team and super unique job titles, except for when you’re looking to fill them. Don’t confuse job seekers with the out-of-the-box job titles like “Energetic, smiley money handler” when what you’re really looking for is a “Cashier.”  Make your job titles simple to search for so you show up on more results pages and therefore get more eyes, and applications, coming to your position.

Don’t bulk up the body

  • Be straightforward with requirements, such as age or licensing needs
  • Use bullet points to make information easy to scan and understand
  • List attributes you want in a hire, like an outgoing personality or a great attitude
  • Make sure you include if a job seeker needs to have experience for this position. If not, make sure you list that ‘no experience required’

Include how you’d like them to apply. There’s multiple ways to hear from job seekers: apply online, walk in at certain times or email their resume. Let job seekers know how you’d best like them to apply for the position so they can apply quickly.

Triple check your job posting for these three things to make sure you’re making it easy for job seekers to apply to your positions.

Happy Hiring!