It’s impossible to keep up with all the new advice on how to hire the best people and run your business more efficiently. That’s why, each week, Snagajob compiles 5 of the most relevant, helpful and buzz-worthy content specific to small business operators that we’ve read over the last 7 days and puts them together for you in one “Weekly Web Roundup” quick read.

Here are the most important stories you might have missed this week.

You Can’t Afford to Make a Bad Hire

Hiring the wrong person could cost small business owners up to 30% of their yearly earnings—plus the cost of hiring a replacement. In other words, you can’t afford to make a mistake. Review these tips on what you can do if you think you’ve made the wrong choice and what you can do so it doesn’t happen again.


You Might be Forced to Use E-Verify Soon

A bill was introduced in Congress this week that would eliminate I-9 forms and require all businesses to use E-verify to confirm citizenship or the right to work. If this bill passes, the change would take place in 2 years and small businesses would need to trade in paper forms for an electronic alternative. Read more.


Why Talk When You Can Text?

86% of Generation Z believes texting during the interview process is okay—it’s clear that we’re moving towards more texting than talking on the phone, at least initially. Get ahead of this trend with these rules for text recruiting.


The Consequences of Slipping Standards

Whether you’re one person short for the night or you’ve got several new employees working, it’s easy to let standards slip and take a few shortcuts. But letting things slip from time to time can have serious consequences, such as food safety issues or a bad customer experience. Instead, follow best practices to eliminate these risks.


What Soft Skills Have to Do With It

What’s the difference between a manager and a leader? A lot. True leaders don’t just have a few good ideas, some business know-how and a drive to succeed. They also have certain emotional and organization skills. Learn what skills the most likeable bosses have.