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 Emails not working? Try texting.

While some recruiters have great luck with email, others are struggling.Your job applicants (especially the younger crowd) might not check email as much as you do, and it’s easy for messages to get lost or get caught in a spam filter. But with a 98% open rate and over half of all responses coming in 15 minutes or less,text message recruiting may be the best way to follow up with applicants.


Don’t Let Negative Reviews Ruin Your Company’s Image.

With so many people searching for things on the web, online reviews have become a huge part the recruiting process and connecting with customers. When negative reviews arise, what do you do? How should you respond? Here are a few tips.


Are you thinking enough about Generation Z? 

Millennials are finally starting to settle into the workplace. Now it’s time for employers to start looking to the future. Generation Z will soon be entering the workforce with their own set of motivations and behaviors.


Don’t Let Absenteeism Be a Drain on Your Company.

With family obligations, sick days, training days and more, there are plenty of acceptable reasons for employees to miss a day or two of work. But when employees are habitually absent or late, this can be a big problem for your business, costing up to $4,000 per missing person. Learn how to keep employee absenteeism from becoming a problem.


If the Minimum Wage Drops, What Should Employers Do?

More often than not, the minimum wage goes up to accommodate the cost of living. But in the cases where it goes down, what should employees do? Here are three possible ideas.