We hope someone brought you a cupcake with a candle, a mylar balloon with a happy face or at least dropped an extra Sacagawea dollar in your tip jar.

After all… it’s Small Business Week! It’s your week, whether you realized it or not.

We’ve been working on your present for months, and no, it’s not a bedazzled “World’s Greatest Limited Liability Corporation” coffee mug or a Dwight Schrute bobblehead.

Here is what we’ve wrapped up for America’s small businesses:

  • Daily deals: Save up to half on job postings – and other sweet deals.
  • Fresh biz profiles: See how we’ve helped your small business peers across industries and from coast to coast.
  • Hiring best practices: Trends, tips, stats and secret sauces.

Check out our Small Business Week spread now.

And from one small business to another, Happy Small Business Week!