The summer hiring season is fast approaching and for the sixth year in a row Snagajob has surveyed hiring managers to get a better look at expected summer job trends. A summary of the results provides a glimpse into what looks like one of the best summer hiring seasons since we first started collecting this data.

The number of hiring managers looking to add more summer staff has increased this year and, as usual, they’re starting the search early. Most of the season’s hiring will take place in April and May, tapering off around the end of May. Hourly hiring managers also report that they anticipate a little over half of their staff will return this summer, leaving plenty of opportunity for new job seekers to find positions. Over half of the competition for these positions will be among high school and college students.

What do these findings mean for hiring managers trying to find their right-fit employees?

There are even more employers attempting to build a great summer workforce this year, so don’t wait to post your job listing. To make the most of the hiring season, post your summer jobs now while students are beginning to figure out how to make the most of their time off. Get ahead of the curve and find the perfect candidates for your available positions.

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