Finding workers is no longer work with Snagajob’s revolutionary new features. Our researchers and engineers have developed the next evolution of hourly recruiting, designed to increase applications, increase quality applicants and move the recruiting process to our now mobile world.

It should be no surprise to learn that job seekers are searching for jobs on mobile devices at a record pace. But, we’ve learned that the majority of employers don’t post mobile-optimized job postings, which causes an extremely significant drop off rate. This results in major frustration for both the job seeker and the employer.

Our two new features help bridge the gap between mobile recruiting and traditional needs.


Traditional job assessments can take up to 45 minutes to complete. And they are not at all easy to complete on a mobile device. Visuality, Snagajob’s new personality quiz, is a fun, image-based assessment that is scientifically-proven to provide the employer with an accurate sense of the candidate’s personality, ideal work environment and if they will succeed in their work environment. This three minute quiz makes it easy to apply to jobs using any device the candidate prefers, and removes frustration for both the job seeker and employer. Win-win.

1-Click Apply

Job applications can take awhile to complete and with mobile on the rise can see a high drop off rate. But, what if a job applicant were able to apply to your posting with just one simple click and still give you everything you need to know about them? Our new 1-Click Apply  allows job seekers to do just that. By filling out a comprehensive Snagajob profile, the seeker pushes a button at the bottom of your posting and you’ll instantly have access to all of their contact information, previous experience, schedule availability, education, Visuality results, etc.

This not only takes the guesswork out of what to ask candidates, it also highly increases application completion rates, which will greatly drive up your application volume. Not only that, but our filtering tools make it simple for you to quickly comb through the candidates so you are only seeing the most qualified. What could be more easy?

At Snagajob, we believe that finding that perfect candidate should only take a matter of minutes, and these new tools will do exactly that. Learn more about these tools and find out how to sign up here.

Happy Hiring!