Social media has become a part of our everyday lives.  Sites such as Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn keep users connected to their friends, family and beyond.

These sites have also become popular tools for job seekers who have taken their search online.  We surveyed nearly 6,000 registered job seekers to discover exactly how they use social media when trying to find their right-fit position.

Our survey found that almost half of hourly jobs seekers use social media in their job search, but seekers don’t think to go directly to an employer’s social media page. Job seekers are almost three times more likely to visit job sites’ social media pages compared to a potential employer’s page.

Searching with social media

– Job seekers spend an average of 27 hours online each week and 16.8 of those hours are spent on social networking sites.

– 47 percent of job seekers use social networking in their job search.

– An overwhelming number of job seekers use job site social media pages (42 percent) compared to the number who use employer social media pages (16 percent).

– When it comes to their own presence on social media, 61 percent of job seekers refrain from posting anything that employers could find negative.

Success with social media

– More than half of job seekers have applied to jobs found on social networking sites (52 percent).

– A fourth of job seekers have been interviewed for jobs they found on social networks (25 percent).

– Twelve percent of job seekers have been hired for jobs they learned about through social networks.

– Some job seekers (17 percent of them) are even using social networking sites to help friends and family get jobs.

It seems as though social media is becoming the new frontier for job seekers. For employers, however, because job seekers aren’t making the direct connection with their social media pages, perhaps the best way to approach a social media recruiting strategy is to team up with a recruiting partner that has a more active social media fan base and use that partnership to attract more applicants online.