Here at Snagajob, we have more than 75 million registered hourly workers and 300,000 employer locations on our online marketplace and HR management platform. We live and breathe the hourly worker experience, and through our ongoing research and daily engagement with workers, we saw that there was a real need for resources to guide them through their employment journey.

What we heard from workers is that most of the resources they could find were focused on salaried jobs or, if hourly, then focused on the knowledge worker. In partnership with LinkedIn, we thought it was important to work together to look at our respective data and determine patterns that might be helpful for both workers and employers.

Our goal with this research is to provide the first in a series of resources in partnership with LinkedIn that reveal the best options and pathways available to hourly workers that are most likely to lead them to fulfilling, long term employment and rapid career advancement. In addition, we aim to offer hourly employers fresh insight into what motivates and engages hourly wage workers, to help reduce turnover and better engage and advance hourly workers. Click here for key findings and takeaways.