Google for jobs and snagajob partnership

Today, Google is launching a new feature on Google Search to help those who are seeking all types of jobs from entry-level to high-end professional positions. As a supporter of the new feature from beta to launch, we are excited to partner with Google on this effort to help more people find work.


Snagajob remains specifically committed to the hourly workforce, and we’re constantly working to bring new innovations to the industry. Our business revolves around helping people find right-fit hourly wage jobs and workers across the United States, and our partnership with Google helps make the job search experience even easier, faster and more enjoyable for today’s hourly worker.


By partnering with Google, Snagajob brings every hourly job in our #1 network directly into job seekers’ Google search results, so they can find, evaluate and apply to jobs in fewer clicks.


Our focus on hourly workforces is also why Snagajob is uniquely positioned to deliver success for both job seekers and employers with Google’s new job search feature. Through our extensive research and data analysis, we know the job information data points that are most important to today’s hourly job seeker—metrics like hourly wage, store location address and expected number of hours per week.


Snagajob postings are already optimized to surface this information and can now push it directly to Google’s job search results, so applicants can more quickly and easily identify the positions that are best for them.


We also know that the job search is only the first step—for both job seekers and businesses. Last year, Snagajob’s all-in-one platform powered job searches for more than 60 million people and better hiring in more than 300,000 employer locations. Our knowledge of not just who applies — but also who gets hired and how long they stay employed — provides us with the unique intel to deliver a superior matching system for Google.


Since inception, we have been focused on creating quality connections between workers and employers, so each can maximize their potential and live more fulfilling lives. We prioritize decreasing labor costs and speeding up hiring so that workers and employers can spend more time on the work at hand.


Today, Snagajob powers one out of every two people looking for hourly work in the nation, and we are excited to continue driving innovation for technology that touches the majority of workers in America today. And while today’s unemployment rates are low, “underemployment” is high, with many workers living paycheck to paycheck and unable to build themselves out of debt.


We remain committed to our core vision of helping more workers finding the work they want when they want, and hope that Google’s new feature — in partnership with companies like Snagajob — will continue to achieve just that.