David Riddel

David Riddle has come a long way since he first used Snagajob’s services almost 10 years ago. Back then he was just an eager kid looking for a little pocket change in Columbus, Ohio. When his mother suggested Snagajob to help him find a part-time job, he would have never guessed that one day he would also use our services to find employees of his own.

Now, David manages a pizza restaurant in Ft. Lauderdale, Fla., that he opened with his father last December. David shared his unique perspective as both job seeker and employer and how Snagajob has helped him find success for almost a decade.

“I had such good results from you guys getting jobs for myself…we decided to throw an ad up,” David explained to us over the phone. He was looking for a delivery driver to help handle orders as they continue to ramp up their business but admitted that it was more than familiarity that made Snagajob the obvious choice.

“Ya’ll were the cheapest and the best quality for what we were looking for,” David said. He laughed as he talked about other job boards that charged “an exuberant amount of money” for a less targeted hiring pool.

David also enjoys the ease of Snagajob’s employer products and even compared it to his time as a job seeker. “It was very easy, just as easy as an employee as it is for an employer that is looking for a candidate,” he said. Snagajob’s function seems to be a perfect match for his new restaurant. “We’re very relaxed here,” David points out as he described their tie-dyed shirts and “Jerry Bear” décor.

It may sound like heaven but it hasn’t always been fun and games for the first-time manager. “I’ve never been a manager before so it’s certainly been a learning experience for me,” David said.

His biggest challenge has been writing the job posts. David likes to cross-train each of his employees but doesn’t want to overwhelm job seekers with a long list of responsibilities. “I’m trying to sound professional but not trying to make it sound like you’re working one of the hardest job in the world and scaring people away with that,” David said. His advice to other employers is to include a detailed summary on the job post and to avoid linking to another website.

When it comes to job seekers, David’s advice is simple: “Apply everywhere.” David believes that you never know what you’re going to get out of hourly position.