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Here are the most important stories you might have missed this week.


Leave crime and punishment to the authorities.

Even a year after being released from prison, nearly 75% of individuals remain unemployed. Many people shy away from hiring people with criminal backgrounds, but believe it or not, in terms of retention and reliability, they could prove to be some of your best workers.


Could off-the-clock work cost you?

In a recent court case, employees sued to receive compensation for reading emails off the clock. Even if your employees aren’t beholden to email, they may occasionally perform other tasks after clocking out. Make sure to revise your employee handbook to cover how to report this type of overtime.


If you don’t like screening résumés, you’re not alone.

Many people find that they either don’t like screening résumés, or that they feel they aren’t very good at it. If that sounds like you, learn how to make it easier on yourself.


Employee engagement: Passion, pay and …

When most people think of employee engagement, they think of two factors—passion and pay. Employees are likely at work because of some combination of a passion for what they do and for the pay they receive. But there’s one more reason employees come in every day. Work friendships. Find out how this influences employee productivity, and how to get the employees to feel the love.


The opioid crisis: How do you help grieving employees?

Even if no one in your family has been affected by the opioid epidemic, likely someone you know has. What do you do when it’s someone in your small business  who has lost a loved one? Find out what you can do to help.