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Here are the most important stories you might have missed this week.


“F” for failed drug test

The US is in the clutches of an opioid epidemic. This is a huge public health issue, but it’s an issue for employers, too—especially for jobs that involve driving or using machinery. Quest Diagnostics reports that they’re seeing the highest rate of failed employee drug tests in 12 years. Here’s what hiring businesses can do to combat the problem.


Improving the candidate experience … with pizza?

When an employee submits an application online, what happens next? Maybe they get an automated email, but does it take two months to hear anything from a real person? Do they ever hear back at all? It’s time to open up the lines of communication with candidates—it’s time to take a hint from Domino’s pizza tracker.


What to do about #MeToo

The #MeToo campaign has brought attention to workplace harassment. It was started by celebrities but quickly expanded to just about anyone who felt compelled to share. When a complaint is shared online but not directly to the employer, what should you do?

Black Friday was huge—in-store and from the couch

Retailers saw whirlwind sales last weekend with sales stretching through Thanksgiving, Black Friday and Cyber Monday. And not just online. Here’s are seven surprising facts to recap retail’s biggest day of the year.


Here’s what won’t change for restaurants next year

Predicting change is hard. Despite all of the articles that come out trying to spot change before it happens, most predictions just don’t pan out. Instead of focusing on what might happen, restaurants should focus on these 10 persistent problems that aren’t going anywhere.