Reclaim your time with schedule software and team messaging

See how Snagajob’s newest features make scheduling and communicating with your employees quick and simple

If it only took 10 minutes to make the employee schedule, what would you do with the extra time? And how much easier would your managers’ day-to-day be if they could share schedule info and other updates with workers instantly?

Watch the on-demand video from our Schedule software and team messaging webinar to get an exclusive walk-through of new free employee scheduling and communication features in Snagajob and how they can help your team:

  • Create and distribute shift schedules in dramatically less time
  • Seamlessly update schedules with request and changes
  • Give your team the ability to trade shifts with each other
  • Broadcast announcements and send messages to employees instantly
  • Access schedules and messages wherever, whenever



Chris Ogle | Senior Product Marketing Manager | Snagajob

Chris has more than 10 years of experience helping companies leverage technology to turn challenges into opportunity. In his role at Snagajob, Chris is responsible for product marketing, development and market research for Snagajob’s small-business restaurant, retail and hospitality software—PeopleMatter Go. Chris’s research on employee hiring trends drives Snagajob’s resources and product strategy, helping independent owner/operators and franchisees increase applicant flow, improve candidate quality and reduce time-to-hire.