The job market is flooded with candidates. It’s a hiring manager’s dream, right? Not even close. It’s more like a hiring manager’s nightmare.

This might go against conventional wisdom considering the saturated job market, with unemployment hovering around nine percent, but hiring effectively has never been so difficult for those who are unequipped.

Hiring technology is designed to help you land hourly workers who are ideally qualified, perfectly suited and highly engaged. These are the people who will add value to their positions and stay longer than usual. These are the people you want.

However, Snagajob’s Q2 2011 Registered Job Seeker Survey found they are putting in an average of 10 applications. Other employers may be better positioned to beat you to it. You’d best be sure you’re doing what you need to do to be able to hire like you mean business.

It all starts with your ability to source from the right candidate pool. Then, as part of the process, to fish out the ones who are most capable of helping you grow the business. And then there is your response time: are you responding to worthy candidates within 24 to 48 hours, or are you letting these all-stars slip away and work for one of the nine other businesses to which they applied – businesses that may very well be your competitors?

Right now, you have a better shot than you’ll ever have at hiring talented people who wouldn’t ordinarily be available to you. Why settle when you don’t have to? Check out our Talent Management Solutions.