So you’ve decided that you want to use more social media for generating more engagement amongst your potential employees, but you have no clue where to start and what would be a good fit for your organization. Read on to see how some of Snagajob’s employers are rocking the social media game.


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With the largest audience at 1.09 billion active users (989 million of them on mobile!), this is the go-to platform for branding your business. Buffalo Wild Wings has a corporate Facebook page and a careers page to really up the ante and engage with their fanbase. Check out why we like this strategy below:


  • Separate pages for separate audiences can really help you establish your employer versus your consumer brand and with a separate careers page, you can engage with the people who want to work for your brand
  • Buffalo Wild Wing’s careers page alerts potential job seekers to hiring events and job opportunities for employment in their area. This is great, because hosting event information is a way to advertise job fairs to an audience that engages with the platform on a daily basis.
  • Buffalo Wild Wings uses hashtags like, #bragfactor,  to get potential candidates curiosity piqued about why it is great to work in one of their restaurants


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The twitter audience wants to know what is happening right now, in real time. This platform is ideal if you want to get in touch with your audience quickly and keep a pulse on the most up to date happenings in the world. With 19.8k followers on their twitter account, @macysjobs is a great example of how to alert job seekers to open positions in their organization.


  • They show off why it’s awesome to work for Macy’s and tap into the socially conscious millennials
  • Using the hashtag #lifeatmacys they put some of the power of promotion in their current employees’ hands to share what makes working for Macy’s special. Job seekers can click on that hashtag to read more about the culture and perks of what working at Macy’s is like, furthering their engagement and interest in applying to one of Macy’s jobs
  • It is an easy place to further advertise for job. Companies like Macy’s who use this tactic can quickly let people know what roles and locations they are hiring for.


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With 500 million monthly active users, this visual platform is quickly becoming one of the most popular social media channels. We’re seeing companies like Toys R Us (@toysruscareers) harness this power by highlighting the awesome things their employees are up to on the job.


  • People love being bragged on- Toys R Us frequently highlights recent promotions, certifications, or great days on the job. This promotes what makes their culture and work environment awesome.
  • Instagram is an awesome platform for showing support for important causes and giving back to others. Job seekers often want to engage with a company beyond checking customers out at the cash register. Toys R Us regularly shares their focus on hiring military vets, health and wellness initiatives, and volunteering in their local community which strikes an awesome balance between work and community service.
  • As a recruiting tool, this gives potential candidates an insight on what to expect on the job.



Snapchat‘s popularity is exploding, especially with the millennial audience. This is the newest social media platform that you need to start paying attention to. Companies like Starbucks have created accounts separate form their corporate identity and embraced this channel to showcase what life is like to work in one of their stores and for an insights into their corporate office. The example above was from a Snapchat tour of their POS lab.


  • Store takeovers are a great opportunity to get your employees engaged and excited about your brand
  • Creates user-generated content since your employees are watching as well as participating
  • Helps to build awareness for individual employees as well as specific store locations. i.e. “I’m Bailey from store #319 in Times Square.”
  • Builds employee retention by showing you have a finger on the pulse of what’s trending and proof you’re fun to work for


Social media is great, however there are a few downsides every now and again, check out our tips to avoid some of the basic snafus you may run into with your various social media channels.

  • Negative comments and reviews on posts- no one wants to see their business shown in a bad light. Try not to take these reviews too personally- but see them as an opportunity to make tweaks to your company to better serve your customers.
  • Responding to comments on posts could be a full time job in itself- block times of the day where you are responding to comments and engaging with your audience.
  • With so many different social media channels, it can be hard to remember to keep them all up to date. Start with just one or two that you think will resonate with your audience. The longer you have the channel, the easier it will be to maintain.
  • Keeping content fresh and consistent – once you have the captive audience, it’s important to keep it captive. Sites like Buffer  allow you to schedule your social media posts for free, and shows you what posts are most engaging to your followers.  You’ll be able to track and analyze what content is and is not resonating with your audience.

Have questions about using social media to engage with both employees and applicants? Ask us on Twitter @Snagajob!