Restaurants across the country, quick-service and otherwise, are getting on board with Snagajob daily. Often we hear them say they’d really like to be able to hire people away from [insert name of restaurant with a reputation for having great employees here].

Restaurants that always seem to have great employees get noticed by other restaurants. There’s a fair amount of hiring envy out there. And whether your restaurant has hiring envy, or you’re recognized for having great employees and are causing it, you’d better know how to deal with it.

Otherwise you’ll be hiring a lot more often than you’d like.

If you’re paranoid that other restaurants will steal your great employees away, there are improvements you can make to your hiring process that will keep you in your envious position. <<<Read our post for how to build up an immunity to workforce pilfering.>>>

If you want to be the one landing great employees, too, here’s what you do:

  • Instead of marketing differently, recruit differently. Why rebrand or otherwise go to the trouble and expense of marketing yourself differently to attract quality job seekers. Just post your jobs in the right place. People applying through a niche job board such as have been found to be two times higher in quality than employees attracted through general job boards – and eight times the quality of hires made through traditional newspaper ads. Many quality hourly employees know their value and make it a point to keep their options open, so they, too, keep an eye on job boards such as
  • Instead of making it inconvenient and costly to apply, make it fast, easy and free. It has really become old-school to require people to apply in person. Which restaurant do you think is in a better position to attract desirable candidates:
    • The one that quickly takes applicants through an online application process that they can initiate from home at no risk to their current employment, in their comfortable clothes, whenever it’s convenient and at no expense; or
    • The one that requires applicants to schedule their day around open times to apply, spend the gas money or bus fare to get there, dress in appropriate (costly) clothing and spend more time at the location filling out paperwork than it would take if the process was hosted online?
  • Instead of guessing, start knowing. When applicants are taken through filter questions and a behavioral assessment as part of an online application process like Snagajob’s, the hiring process becomes better for everyone. Hiring managers know immediately who’s right for the job and who’s not, which eliminates the time they used to spend muddling through paperwork and interviews to make that determination. And if the fit isn’t right, applicants don’t have to wait around expectantly or go through an interview, only to find out they’re not going to be hired. The great employees who are snug in their current positions might not go to a lot of trouble to find something else that might suit them just as well or slightly better than their current gig.
  • Instead of getting bogged down in paperwork, get a jump on restaurants competing with you to hire the best people available. When you have an online application process such as Snagajob’s in place that identifies not only who’s qualified but also who’s best suited for the position, you’ll know immediately who you’re going to want to hire. And rest assured that other restaurants would find those same people highly desirable, too. You can be the one to pull out all the stops to land them, while your competitors are hamstrung by all the paperwork they have to surmount and the guesswork that goes along with a paper-based hiring process.

As soon as you start to get recognized for having great employees, causing other restaurants to have hiring envy, you’d better take a read through our post for how to maintain your envious position – it’s advice you may need sooner than you think!