Technology has come a long way in just the past five years. Consumers are using mobile apps for banking, calling cabs, checking emails, even couponing to make every facet of their lives easier and faster. But because mobile apps are marketed widely for personal use, it’s easy to overlook the power of mobile for corporate benefit as well. So if people are using apps for almost everything in their personal lives, why not utilize mobile technology to make the onboarding process easier too?

When it comes to onboarding, paperwork can clutter workspaces, be completed incorrectly, or even damaged — all while HR departments try not to lose the paperwork in the process. Paper onboarding is more time consuming and more tedious, so mobile solutions have been developed to allow HR professionals to manage all of their candidates’ onboarding documents in one, streamlined system.

While digital onboarding use has become increasingly more popular with HR departments, the materials needed to officially hire a new candidate are no different than their paper counterparts. Once you’ve offered a candidate a job, be sure to use this new hire checklist – whether your onboarding process is digital or analog:

  • Signed offer letter
  • Social security card
  • Driver’s licence
  • Proof of citizenship
  • I-9 and W-4
  • Completed background check
  • Direct deposit form
  • Employee’s emergency contact form
  • Proof of auto insurance (if employee is driving during work)
  • Signed employee handbook (sick leave, vacations, dress code, company holidays, etc.)