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Myth – managing important forms online isn’t reliable

Any employer knows that government paperwork is nothing to mess around with.  Mistakes on legal forms can lead to audits, fines and, in extreme cases, the possible closing of a business. Taking care of those applications online is not only a safe solution, but it also helps decrease the chance of making any errors.

Managing new hire paperwork and federal applications online is reliable because:

– Illegible forms are the #1 reason tax credits are denied to businesses. Take advantage of potential credits by recording information online.

– Electric signatures, or E-Signatures, have been a trusted part of online documentation for over 10 years. They have the same validity as a signature made with pen and paper.

– Completed applications are encrypted and organized electronically, so they’re easy to access anytime you might need them.

– Losing paperwork is never a good thing, especially when those forms contain confidential information. Online documents can’t get lost in the shuffle and are safe from prying eyes.

Compliance is a top priority when completing new hire paperwork and relying on online applications can help you stay error free. Don’t let something like messy handwriting keep your hiring process from being completed. Partnering with a trusted third-party partner to help keep track of important forms can make hiring simpler and more efficient.

Another paperless myth busted, another chance for you to learn more about completing paperwork online. Have any questions about the online hiring process? Leave a comment below and we might answer it in a future post!