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Myth – the hiring process takes more time online

Imagine a world where you’re looking for a new employee and your options consist of only the most qualified applicants. All of their information is right in front of you and when you’re finally ready to meet a candidate face to face, they’re more likely to be a perfect addition to your team. You’ve saved time, energy and can now devote more effort into other aspects of your job.

This world is a reality when you conduct your hiring process online.

Adopting a new hiring method may seem like a strain on time, but the consistent results you’ll end up with make it worthwhile. Working online streamlines your various applications, allowing you to track applicants through the different steps of hiring and recruit more efficiently.

Not only does this process save time for you, it saves time for your new employees as well. They can complete required forms before coming in on their first day, so more time can be devoted to training and learning the ins and outs of the job. Plus, online documents give applicants easy to follow directions making confusing forms simpler and easier to complete.

Even new hire paperwork is automated, shortening an essential process that can take weeks to a few days. And through the magic of E-Verify, the identity of a potential employee can be confirmed with the single click of a mouse.

Spend less time waiting and more time getting results by hiring online.

Now that another paperless myth has bitten the dust, learn more about how you can save time hiring your next employee. Have any questions? Leave a comment below and we might answer it in a future post!