A checklist for your business

Every month can feel like a fresh start for your business. It’s the perfect time to reflect on what worked, what didn’t work and what you want to focus on in the future. But where do you start when it comes to maintaining the health of your business.

A handy to-do list for your hourly business is the perfect place to get started. Kick off the month with these 5 things to check off your list, and you can chart a plan for success throughout the entire year.

1. Review your HR process

Now is the perfect time to tie up any loose ends and plan for the next month. Incomplete paperwork, changes to the hiring process–now is the time to knock it all out. Staying on top of your operational tasks makes for smooth sailing when your next hire arrives. Plus, any concerns about compliance are assuaged as you get more and more organized.

2. Revisit job postings

As your recruiting needs change, so should your job postings. If you’ve successfully filled a position, go ahead and take it down. Or if a job description needs to be updated, make those changes now. This keeps your recruiting process on track and allows you to effectively connect with job seekers.

3. Give hiring tools a checkup

The hiring tools you rely on when running your business need regular checkups to ensure everything is running well. Make sure any software updates are applied and you’re aware of any potential glitches that could slow you down. This is especially important to check off the list when you have a lot of hiring on the horizon, such as seasonal or holiday hiring.

4. Chat with employees

Checking in with employees should be more than annual event. Casual conversations with your team is a great way to encourage engagement and avoid any staff surprises. It’s a great way to get real insight from the front lines of your business and figure out what could use a little more attention over time.

5. Celebrate success!

Don’t forget to look back on all the great things you and your team have accomplished over the last 30 days. Recognize employees who’ve gone above or beyond, or celebrate the business reaching goals you’ve set. Head into the next month propelled by positivity!


Kick off every month in your business with a better sense of success and organization. Pairing these “to-dos” with a great hiring partner is just one more way to let you dedicate more focus to your running your business and providing your team with support.