You surprised us. We didn’t realize how many hiring managers were out front adding an old-fashioned human touch to the customer experience with a smart phone in their holsters.

The nature of your position is that you’re on the go, and naturally you’re prepared to take hiring with you. Our guiding purpose in developing mobile web functionality and mobile apps is to be with you every step of the way – literally – as you recruit, hire and retain a fantastic hourly workforce.

Consider yourself untethered from your desktop computer. Now you can roam the store adding value and at the same time hire people who will help you do it.

Evidenced by the overwhelmingly positive reception our mobile hiring product received last month at the Society for Human Resource Management’s conference, securing your buy-in won’t be our biggest challenge. Staying ahead of where you want the product to take you will be.

That’s a great problem to have.

Here is how we’re staying ahead from a technical standpoint:

1. Good enough is…not. Giving you on-the-fly access to our website is not good enough. We offer a mobile interface targeted for a smaller screen and lower bandwidth. It gets you in front of your applicants and then back to your customers faster, and hopefully you’ve enjoyed the visit.

2. Your brand of phone is less important than your brand of browser. You can go mobile with your hiring from any smart phone with a modern browser.

3. It’s not about accessibility of the hiring dashboard, it’s about productivity. You can filter through candidates from your phone – moving an applicant into or between “Interested” or “Not Interested” folders, for instance.

4. You don’t have to tell us what you’re using to access your hiring dashboard. We just know – and present it to you accordingly.

An online hiring process is fast and productive – and can be quite addicting – but some say it’s hard to resist the temptation to dawdle. Now hiring can be done in less than a Facebook Minute.

But, of course, Snagajob remains accessible from your desktop computer for when you’d like to give hiring your prolonged attention or you just want to kick off your well-worn shoes and sit a while.