Wordle is an online toy for generating “word clouds” out of text. Tagxedo is another fun one to play with, too. Creating word clouds is more than just fun and games for businesseses, though. Turns out it’s an extremely worthwhile exercise to paste your company’s website address into one of these sites or cut and paste the text of your latest brochure, that kind of thing, to see if what you’re really saying to the world is what you’re intending to say.

You’ll see by using Wordle or similar tools that the more frequently a word appears in your text, the more prominently the word appears in the word cloud (see the sample on the right). You’ll find out what words are raining down from on high so you can evaluate if they’re fertilizing the growth of your business.

In getting something said, is your company’s focus more on getting it down and getting it out? Or is it on saying the things that will entice scores of people to do business with you – and at the same time attract the right people to work for you, people who will help stimulate your company’s growth and add finesse to the customer-service experience?

Your word cloud won’t be floating around and raining down the exact right words all by its lonely. Nope, your recruitment brand will be up against some stiff competition. We know this because we ran a few hourly employers within Snagajob’s ZIP code and some of their hourly job descriptions through a word cloud exercise to ascertain the strength of their recruitment brands. Our selection criteria was based on some research we did back in February to determine the top three hourly industries looking to woo your crew in 2011. Here are our findings:

  • For one of the satellite and cable jobs that would include hourly customer service and call center associates, installers, field services reps, warehouse workers and drivers, “employees” pops as the largest word in the cloud. It’s one of those job postings that speaks right to the job seeker. Remember, the more frequently a word appears in your text, the more prominently the word appears in the word cloud. Then pops “customers,” huge and positioned right next to employees. Further, it’s respectful in that it’s clear what the job entails: “required,” “installation” and “satellite” pop to a lesser degree. And also it’s clear what’s expected from candidates: “education,” “skills” and “ability.” It’s important to note that many enticing words pepper the word cloud including “safely,” “appropriate,” “flexible” and “simple,” which stand out because of their size and placement in comparison to the multitude of other words in there.
  • For a major retailer filling hourly positions within its warehouse/distribution operations, what pops is “associate.” It’s a word used pervasively so as to speak to those desiring inclusion on a team and a more strategic position. Words like “merchandise,” “stock” and “store” say loud and clear that the retailer is not intent on finding someone who can carry a load, literally. The retailer seems to be looking to fill a position that carries more weight than that.
  • For one major healthcare employer offering jobs including phlebotomists, technologists, site coordinators and specimen accessioners, what pops most loudly and proudly when you perform the word cloud exercise for the careers area of the company’s website is the company name, followed by “connect.” Then out pops “amazing,” “difference,” “people,” “professionals,” “opportunity,” “career,” “leading,” “premier” and “lives.” In no uncertain terms you get the message that this is where you pursue a career as a healthcare professional if you want an amazing opportunity offered by a premier company to connect with people in a way that will make a real difference in their lives.

Maybe presently you’re not hiring all that much or at all. But right now you need to get ready to hire. Quick! While you have the best shot perhaps you’ll ever have at scooping up some fantastic people who will add long-term value to their positions and stay with you longer. This post is intended to be just the encouragement you need. Have fun and great success word clouding your way to better people and greater profitability!