If you see someone pointing up at the sky and a crowd gathering, would you continue on your way without looking up? Not likely. It’s human nature to look because everyone else is looking. It’s human nature to buy what everyone else is buying. It’s human nature to like what everyone else likes.

If there’s something about your business that’s truly remarkable, people will point to you and say in effect, Look! Up in the sky! These days with the proliferation of social networks, it only takes one first-rate Pointer to begin to attract a crowd, and attracting a crowd, even if it’s a small one, is what you need to prosper especially these days when money’s tight for most everybody.

We’ll get to the fact that new marketing tactics can help you work the crowd – but to begin with you need first-rate Pointers to attract one.

If you haven’t managed to attract a crowd to your business, it’s probably because nothing amazing is happening for people to point to. Nothing amazing is happening perhaps because across the board it’s business as usual, so it’s time to get remarkable…and then you can employ remarkable marketing tactics to match.

What would happen to your business if, instead of directing your efforts at creating and marketing things in case people would want them, you focused on creating and marketing things because people would want them? Something amazing, I’m sure.

I’m sure because I’ve seen what happens when companies offer an exceptional experience or make something special for people because and not in case they would want it. Here are some real-life examples that have had the stop, stare and point effect on people:

  • Clayton May, owner of a Chick-fil-A franchise in Longview, Texas, recently started sending out employees to the drive-thru lane to take orders car-side during the lunchtime rush. “When we go to the cars it’s like, ‘Oh. Is the machine broke?’ ” he said. “It’s a shock — it takes them by surprise, in a good way, because they are not sure what to think.”
  • Southwest Airlines became a darling years ago for having the equivalent of a Chief Apologist. Fred Taylor Jr. has been widely reported to send so many handwritten letters a year as to cramp the hand of a mere mortal to explain to passengers what went wrong on their flights. Each one is known to bear his direct phone line.
  • And then there’s Zappos. No stranger (understatement) to the stop, stare and point effect. So much has been written and said about the amazing culture and quality of customer service at Zappos that I won’t do it here, except to say you could do an infinite number of less productive and inspirational things with your time than read The Zappos Family 2010 Culture Book and Delivering Happiness.

So, then, by example, go find a proverbial phone booth, cram all your executives into it and change your organization into one that can give rise to the Superman of offers. Then it’s up to Pointers and your effective use of New Marketing tactics that encourage and support them. And then it’s back to you, again, as everything comes down to your mastery of crowd control.

Becoming a crowd-control master is as simple as using a Talent Management System (TMS) to find, hire and retain people who are capable of and more than willing to ensure that your remarkable offer squares with remarkable customer service, even and especially when your crowd becomes sizable.

People who are perfect for their positions tend to be more highly engaged. They tend to work harder, add more value and stay longer. And they tend to be customers, themselves, and encourage friends and loved ones to frequent the business. These are the employees who have crowd control covered. Not just covered but finessed beautifully.

I’ll leave you with this thought:

The cost of retaining an existing customer is about 20 percent the cost of acquiring a new customer.

I would think this truism alone would be inspirational, indeed. So, it’s back to work for you now that you’re intent on becoming more remarkable, encouraging and supporting Pointers and having mastery of crowd control! (And that means to Snagajob that we’ll be talking to you soon – bring it on!)