Retention is soaring at one Midwest franchise group.

Every once in a while, we like to publish a client case study highlighting a compelling hiring success…


Meet the client
Lafayette DQ® Restaurants owns and operates five Dairy Queen® locations in Indiana, and will be opening a sixth location this year.

Client challenge
The Client was getting too much of a good thing: applications. However, many of these applicants weren’t the right fit for the organization. When applications were submitted by qualified job seekers, the company didn’t have a system in place to quickly identify, contact and hire these top candidates. As a result, turnover mounted. Management soon sought out a partner to help hone in on applicants most likely to exhibit a high level of productivity and customer service for the restaurants’ open positions.

Our strategy
SnagAJob deployed its Talent Management System (TMS) across all locations in April of 2009, which marked the beginning of peak hiring season. In doing so, SnagAJob addressed the owner-operators’ questions and concerns. These included how to effectively train hiring managers on the TMS and whether the included applicant assessments would screen applicants too aggressively, eliminating quality candidates.

Within one year of implementing SnagAJob’s TMS, the client experienced a 32-percent reduction in turnover. The anecdotal evidence matched the impressive numbers, as hiring managers drove applicant interviews with guides customized on candidates’ responses to assessment questions. Additionally, managers enjoy the convenience and compliance benefits; all online applications are safely stored and ensure tight adherence to federal and state hiring laws.

For a multi-unit operator, TMS is an incredibly valuable tool.  It organizes all of your applicants, allows you to transfer applications between units, and provides a consistent hiring model for your management staff.  SnagAJob gives us the ability to hire much better people and has paid for itself many times over.

–         Pat O’Neil, Lafayette DQ Restaurants

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