November is World Vegan Month. For quick serve restaurants, this means you’re likely to encounter more requests for vegan friendly items. With challenges and pledges to abstain from eating meat all month, many customers will wonder what your restaurant can do to provide a suitable meal. Dealing with lifestyle diets can be tricky if you’re not familiar with the specifics but getting it right could win your store a loyal following of hungry consumers.

The basic description of a vegan is someone who chooses not to eat or use animal products. Besides refraining from meat, vegans also abstain from all dairy, eggs or other animal byproducts. Make sure you know all your ingredients including those of: breads, oils, and batters. Even some varieties of beans are cooked with animal fats so it’s important to think of everything.  Understanding their needs will help reduce frustration with orders and keep business moving fluidly.

Vegans can seem like a difficult group, but since they have limited allies in the QSR industry, they can be won over with just a few menu items and the patience to care for their lifestyle choices. There are over 6 million vegans in America and chains such as Taco Bell, Carl’s Jr. and Wendy’s have all gained a followings from the group for being friendly to their cause. Little Ceasar’s even boasts a vegan cheeseless pizza and vegan Crazy Bread. In most cases, offering anything more exciting than a salad is all it takes to corner the market and break ground into the subculture.

The best part is that vegans are known for getting creative with food options, so it’s okay to get a little wacky and have some fun with your selection. Keep things exciting this November, support your local vegan culture. Offering more animal friendly meals will help you keep your restaurant full and your conscience clear this holiday season.