The entire country was talking about jobs well before President Barack Obama pitched his $400-billion-plus American Jobs Act to the nation on Thursday night. (See full text of the speech.)

And while our reality still stings with recession, the folks at Snagajob feel that the nation’s collective rhetoric – simply the fact that we’re talking at all – is productive.

While as a nation we work to buoy our economy, lower our unemployment rate and raise our productivity, Snagajob is embracing its unique role as a champion of America’s hourly workforce and those who employ them. We’re joining this national conversation on jobs not as an organization with our own ideas about how to boldly go forward (sure, we have a few), but we believe we can do some good by being a conduit between the decision makers in Washington (and beyond) and the companies, workers and job seekers whose opinions need to be heard.

That’s because we’ve gleaned a great many insights — and have seen the hard numbers that support your views — through our everyday engagement with all of you, and it’s our intention to continue to share the metrics and anecdotes that provide an accurate hourly jobs picture for those not in the trenches every day. (Just check out this recent CNBC article, for example.)

In this role, we bring zero political agenda to the table. Instead, we aim be a completely neutral and open-minded gatekeeper of ideas – small business owners’ napkin brainstorming sessions, HR professionals’ polished PowerPoints, disenchanted job seekers’ compelling letters, lawmakers’ impassioned addresses. We do also bring expertise and a 11-year history of fulfilling the dreams of America’s hourly workers and those who employ them.

At Snagajob, we have more to offer than the software tools to add applicant screening for possible new tax credits or a proven way to post a wave of new jobs. We also have a ton of interest in getting your voices heard. We aim to continue this national conversation on jobs right here on this blog (send questions & comments to [email protected] or @snagajobworks on Twitter).  We’re also speaking with our job seekers on Facebook and @snagajob on Twitter – and we’re live at the University of Richmond in Virginia today to talk to folks attending President Obama’s follow-up speech and visit.