Nearly every service-industry employer (97 percent) is hiring this summer, so standing out in a sea of “Now Hiring” signs is key to getting great candidates. It’s also really difficult.

What on-the-job perks are you promoting to potential new hires right now? Are they enough to make job seekers want to work for your brand over your competition?

To be fair, that’s sort of a trick question. We surveyed 1,000 restaurant, retail, and hospitality hiring managers and 2,000 hourly job seekers to find out what’s most important to them right now when looking to find—or fill—a job.

Here’s what we found … and what will help give your brand an edge in today’s hyper-competitive hiring market. (Psst! It’s not as costly as you might think, and you’re probably already offering some of them!)

Top perks employers are offering

  1. Discounts, rewards, coupons
  2. Flexible shift/work schedule
  3. Free meals
  4. Higher wages
  5. Career advancement

While we know that pay, location, and hours are job seekers’ top three factors when choosing a job, there are some key on-the-job perks that can sway a close decision and make them stay longer once they’re hired.

Top on-the-job perks for job seekers

  1. Freedom to wear what they want to work (within reason)
  2. Monthly stipend to purchase items (food, clothing, etc.)
  3. VIP vouchers to give to their friends and family that offer discounts

Freedom to wear what they want to work

Hourly workers think of this perk as a level of freedom and respect they feel they have with your brand. Your future employees are passionate people. In fact, 57 percent of job seekers told us they’re actively pursuing a passion while working or searching for jobs. Being a student, entrepreneur or musician topped that list. They want to dress in a way that reflects their personal style.

You may remember Starbucks unveiled a new dress code last summer that is meant to let baristas “shine as individuals.”

“Our Dress Code reflects the professionalism you bring to your craft, your commitment to making every moment right and the inclusive welcome at the heart of our brand,” the company said in the Starbucks Dress Code Lookbook.

Your employees are ambassadors to your brand. They want to feel as proud of their own look and personal taste as they do working for you.

Monthly stipend to purchase items

Your team members aren’t just employees; they’re also your customers. And odds are they were your customer long before they started working for you. Giving them a monthly stipend to purchase items from the workplace allows them to continue to be the customer and the worker.

We also found that today’s hourly workers are strapped for cash. A full 72 percent said they’re either living paycheck to paycheck or making less than they spend, so even a small monthly stipend could go a long way in helping your employees financially.

VIP vouchers/discounts for friends and family

Allowing your employees to use vouchers/discounts to bring in new customers is a huge win for them – and you. Being able to serve their own friends and family gives them a sense of pride that’s hard to find anywhere else; extending a freebie or discount makes them feel special because they’re able to offer something special to those they care about.

Combine the facts that nearly three quarters of job seekers are living paycheck to paycheck or not making enough to pay the bills and that 47 percent are either single parents or married with or without children, and it’s easy to see why this is a valuable on-the-job perk for them.

What else do job seekers want?

Though they didn’t make the top three, it’s worth noting that there are additional on-the-job perks that job seekers really value and don’t have a significant impact to your bottom line, like longer breaks and freedom to use their phone when customers are not around.

Adjusting the pay, location and hours offered can be tough, so knowing what else job seekers find attractive about your workplace environment can make all the difference between choosing your job over your competitor’s and staying with you for the long haul.

How Snagajob can help

It’s important to know what your hourly workers want out of a job with you, but it’s equally important to highlight what you can, whenever you can, so the best job seekers want to apply to your job.

Attracting high-quality workers is only part of the equation. Identifying those who are the best fit for your brand is the second highest rated hiring challenge for service industry employers. That’s why PeopleMatter FIND™ offers complete sourcing, screening and applicant tracking tools to help you determine right-fit workers for your business, faster.

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