Every quarter, Snagajob surveys our employers to get insight into a pressing question or hot hourly trend. This quarter, we asked our employers about their promotion and retention strategies and we stumbled upon an interesting situation.

Nearly 80 percent of employers told us that they have a policy in place to promote from within. When asked what steps are taken to support their internal promotion policy, employers told us they used the following tactics (in order of most to least often utilized):

  • Opening positions to employees first before posting them publicly (69.7 percent)
  • Challenging managers to identify employees with potential (69.7 percent)
  • Providing training opportunities to help employees grow their skill sets (68.5 percent)
  • Clearly communicating our internal promotion policy to all employees on a regular basis (43.1 percent)
  • Developing clear career paths for positions within the company (41.6 percent)
  • Highlighting our commitment to promoting from within in our recruitment materials to attract employees who want to grow (40.8 percent)

It’s that last tactic that piqued our curiosity. Less than half of employers who are committed to promoting from within tout that commitment to potential employees. Why?

Snagajob hosts more than 40 million registered job seekers on our site and they tell us time and again that they want to see pay and perks in job descriptions. It’s understandable that pay is sometimes tough to include for various reasons. But employers need to talk up their perks if they want to attract top talent, and a policy of trying to promote from within is definitely a perk!

By telling job seekers that your business is committed to promoting from within, you’ll attract job seekers who are interested in growing with your business. And these eager job seekers tend to be more productive, will be more driven to go above and beyond, and will stay on the job longer if they feel like they have the chance to climb the ladder.

So, the next time you’re drafting a job description, if you are committed to promoting from within don’t leave that essential tidbit out. Bold it. Underline it.

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