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Turning the tides for turnover

Turnover is the HR equivalent of a curse word. That’s because employee turnover has a high cost for organizations—some estimates say it’s as high as six to nine months of the employee’s yearly wages. In recent years, millennials have gotten a bad rap as “job hoppers” and “opportunists” who drive up employee turnover. But is turnover all bad? Here are five things that millennials are changing about the way we think about work.

Man vs. machine: who makes a better concierge?

Apps have changed the way we live—and especially the way we travel. Apps allow us to look up places, book reservations and schedule transportation, all before we even arrive. But when it comes to the hotel business, an app could replace a concierge, right? Don’t be so sure.

Robots are here, and yes, they’ve taken (some) jobs

Amazon has been increasing their staffing tremendously in the past few months. However, in their ranks there’s an increasing number of “employees” who aren’t human. For years, experts have wondered what the impact of automation and AI will be on the job market, but now it’s becoming a reality. So far, the conclusion is that robots have taken jobs—but not from Amazon employees.  

“Bad jobs” are getting better

For people working in fast food and retail, their schedule has a huge impact on their lives. Not only does it influence how much money they can make, but it also influences their time off with friends and family. That’s why some cities have implemented “fair work week” measures to help employees keep a manageable schedule.

Employment for Black Americans is increasing, but experts have concerns

Recently, Black Americans crossed a jobs milestone, reaching 58 percent employment among African-American adults. This lags behind white employment by less than three percentage points—the lowest margin since 1975. Despite these gains in employment, experts are unsure how long this positive trend can continue and what the future impact will be.