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Here are the most important stories you might have missed this week.

The holiday shopping battle royale

Online shopping is booming this holiday season. Amazon reported that Cyber Monday was the biggest day of sales it’s ever had, and other online retailers had similar results. The pressure is on for delivery and logistics companies to hire enough people to keep packages moving through the holiday season.

The secret to recruiting millennials

Companies are working hard to find the best millennial talent, but many are struggling to hold on to them once they’re hired. By 2020, it’s estimated that millennials will make up 50 percent of the workforce— now is the time to make your recruiting process more millennial-friendly.

Technology: the great creator or the great destroyer of jobs?

As AI, automation and other technologies mature and find their way into industries, more questions arise about which jobs it will create and which jobs it will replace. This isn’t the first time technology created uncertainty in the job market. Here are five lessons that history can teach us about technology and labor.  

The real solution to sexual harassment in the workplace

When sexual harassment rears its ugly head in an organization, most companies respond by instituting more training. But is training the best way to fix the problem? Some experts say no. A better solution is to look at who you’re hiring.

Think diversity is optional? Think again.

Workplace diversity isn’t just a trend, it’s an asset for organizations. Diversity is on the rise in workplaces, but it’s still lagging in some areas. Here’s why you can’t afford to overlook the power of diversity.