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Here are the most important stories you might have missed this week.

How to keep the cream of the crop

Turnover is a real problem. And if you have high-performing employees, they have more options than ever in terms of job searching. So what makes employees stay at a job? Turns out, 49% of high performers cited one reason—and it’s easier to manage than you might think.  

More than 70% of your employees want to quit. Here’s why.

Depending on your turnover rate, you might not be surprised to find that 71% of workers want to quit their jobs. What’s not surprising is that there are two main reasons and they’re fixable. Here’s how.

Referral programs reward employees and make your life easier

Recruiters find that some of their best employees are referrals from their other employees. So why aren’t more people using your employee referral system? Here are some tips to jumpstart employee referrals.

Is long-term employee retention still possible?

Employees say, “Companies are no longer loyal.” Companies say, “Employees are no longer loyal.” So who’s right? And does it matter? Employees and companies need to work together for best results. Here are some tips to help keep your employees where they are.

The robots are coming!

Walmart gets a bad rap for having empty shelves too often. But now, a shelf-scanning robot has passed initial testing and is moving on to 50 additional locations to help keep popular items in stock. So is this robot going to take associates’ jobs? Probably not. If anything, it may help them do their jobs too.

What you need to do if an employee reports sexual harassment

In 2013, over 10,000 charges involving sexual harassment were brought to the EEOC. Now with more and more cases of sexual harassment making big headlines, it’s up to employers to make sure that sexual harassment is taken seriously and not tolerated.