Sometimes the recruiting process can seem a lot like navigating through the dating scene. To succeed in both, making a great first impression can give you a better chance of finding the match you’re looking for.

While someone might describe their hobbies and interests to intrigue their date, a hiring manager for a quick-service restaurant might stress the importance of their brand to get job seekers interested in an open position.

According to Snagajob’s recent surveys, employers and job seekers view the use of brand names during the recruiting process very differently. Fifty-four percent of QSR restaurant hiring managers said brand image is important when it comes to recruiting. But when it came to job seekers, only 25 percent said a company’s brand was influential to their job search. Turns out, dropping names doesn’t get QSR job seekers as excited as employers believe it will.

So what exactly are job seekers looking for? Among those who indicated that it’s their first choice to work at a QSR, Snagajob found that:

– 23 percent want a job during high school
– 23 percent desire a job with opportunities for advancement that they can hold for years
– 13 percent are searching for a job close to home

What does this data mean for your dating recruiting technique? Head to to read our full article and learn even more about the best way to find the perfect match for your workforce.