Every year, we poll over 1,000 hourly job seekers asking them what they look for FIRST in a job posting. And every year, they pretty much give us the exact same responses:

Job Description Priorities


What does this data tell us? Basically, job seekers really care about two things above all else when it comes to investing time in a job posting: “Can I get there easily?” and “Do I meet the qualifications?”


So how does this affect how to write a job description?
Keep these simple tips in mind when writing job descriptions:


Location is key. Be specific.

Be straightforward with the job title. As tempting as it can be to come up with a clever name for the job, always be straightforward. Think less “customer interaction specialist” and more “sales associate.” Recognizable titles such as “cashier”, “server” or “cook” resonate with seekers and are often the ones they’re more likely to search for.

Include public transportation information. So those without a car can easily figure out how they can get there.

Avoid being too wordy as you describe the position. Long sentences and too many paragraphs can keep job seekers from reading all the details about your job, especially when they’re reading on devices with smaller screens. Bullet points and shorter sentences make it easier to scan quickly and focus on the most important details of the position.

Have clear qualifications. Include information such as age, experience, and specific skills that you are looking for in candidates.

Share the perks and benefits. Spark interest by highlighting employee benefits in your job post. Sharing perks of the position, such as accessibility to work by public transportation or possible career advancement, can be the factor that helps your posting stand out. In a recent survey, Snagajob discovered that 25 percent of Millennial seekers are searching for a position that offers competitive pay while 26 percent would love a job that offers flexible scheduling. Potential applicants use this information as deciding factors so make sure to include it in descriptions.

Clarify if you are accepting applications or if you are now hiring. Stating this clearly will help you make connections with the people that are operating under the same time-frame as you.


Remember these basic tips as you write up your job postings, and watch the applications come rolling in. Happy hiring!


Want more tips on writing job descriptions?

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