Let’s face the facts: The retail industry has some of the highest employee turnover rates in the job market, so acquiring great talent is no easy task. Businesses compete for applicants, which means making the most of the initial retail job interview is a must in order to fulfill your staffing needs. How do you do this?

Upselling: Not just for the sales floor

A major retail job requirement is the ability to upsell customers into buying more products, and upselling the benefits of working at your establishment is now a critical part of getting the best talent. There are several ways to do this, as well as several things to avoid in order to set realistic expectations for applicants. Here are a few job interview tips to maximize each interview you conduct.


If you are looking for hardworking employees who care about the quality of work they perform, stress this during the interview. The culture of the workplace must be elevated to a special place in the prospective employee’s mind. If your culture thrives on excellence, this incentivizes employees to perform at the top of their game, which means you will gain new team members who are motivated to succeed.


Many hiring managers leave the perks of the job until the end of the interview, and some neglect to mention them at all. Instead of relegating benefit to  the back burner, place emphasis on that 20% employee discount during the meat of the interview. Talk about paid holidays, health benefits and gratis items that the interviewee is eligible for if hired. One of the most useful job interview tips is to highlight the great benefits your company provides its employees.


Having a positive attitude can make or break a retail job interview. Smiling at the applicant and projecting a sincere desire to see if he or she would be a good fit with your company not only makes interviewing a better experience for you, it projects the image of a great work environment. This will go a long way toward filling open positions with smiling associates who want to be at work, instead of those just clocking in for the check.


Human beings have an innate ability to know when someone is being less than forthright with pertinent information. While projecting a positive attitude and promoting the great benefits that come with the position, you must also be honest about expectations and job responsibilities. The hours required, the work ethic expected and the rewards for fulfilling these requirements should be as positively promoted as the employee discount and other perks.

Be prepared to answer any retail job questions the applicant may have with ease and authority. Downplaying negatives can be as harmful as an outright lie, sowing seeds of distrust in the person you’re interviewing. A professional, genuine demeanor will upsell your retail business better than any other tactic.