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Many employers struggle to find ways to motivate employees and search for ideas on how to keep employees motivated. While there are several articles, blogs and books on the subject, we have figured out the best way to encourage employee motivation.  

It’s simple. It’s free. It can be done in one step….

….just say thank you.

Showing appreciation and giving thanks is one of the strongest ways you can motivate employees. Especially hourly workers. They man the front lines for you and are a big part of why your customers return again and again. Saying “thank you” shows employees that you have noticed their hard work.

While many of your customers may take your employees for granted or even ignore their good work, you shouldn’t. Here are a few tips to maximize the effect of thanking your team and keeping them motivated:

Make it immediate.

Don’t wait to show your appreciation. Thank them in the moment or right after. It will mean more to your employee and they will better understand what they did well so they can do it again. Also, waiting too long can reduce the motivating effect.

Make it specific.

Thanking an employee for their general or generic performance is OK, but being specific about what they did to get your recognition is better. This clearly shows your team what you value and reinforces the workplace culture you are trying to build.

Make it public.

By recognizing good work in front of the employee’s peers, you’ll not only show the entire team that you notice hard work, but you’ll be setting expectations for your entire team.

Make it matter.

Explain how their performance has made an impact on your customers, the full team, and the business. Knowing they made a difference can be a powerful employee motivation technique.