Danny Meyer Founder & CEO, Union Square Hospitality Group Headshot

Hiring for High Hospitality Quotient

You probably know the name Danny Meyer. And if you don’t, you’ve undoubtedly heard of his brands. So when the founder and CEO of Shake Shack, Union Square Cafe, Marta, The Modern and more shared some of his secrets to success at Snagajob’s HourMinds 2017 conference earlier this year — including hiring for high Hospitality Quotient — we took note(s).

One of Meyer’s biggest themes was hiring the best candidates possible. And he’s identified six core personality traits he collectively refers to as Hospitality Quotient, or HQ, that he says makes a great service-industry employee. The higher the Hospitality Quotient, the happier that candidate and your customers will be. And since HQ traits can’t be taught, identifying which candidates have a high HQ (and which ones don’t) during the hiring process is all the more crucial. And difficult.


3 Tips to Find Candidates with a High Hospitality Quotient

Here are three things you can do right now to identify candidates with high Hospitality Quotient dispositions and hire the same type of high-caliber candidates who fuel Danny Meyer’s success.

1. Get hyper-targeted with your recruiting

It’s a basic must-have in your Marketing department, but HR/Recruiting has been slow to adopt segmentation for recruiting. Target your recruiting efforts and spend on sites that cater to your ideal candidates.

You might sacrifice applicant quantity in the short-term, but you’ll easily make up for it with big gains in candidate quality and job fit.

Posting your jobs on Snagajob, for example, allows you to reach a targeted audience of restaurant, retail and hospitality job seekers looking for those exact type of positions. Micro-niche job boards like Harri can narrow down your applicant pool even more when you have super-specific hiring needs — like a sommelier for your fine-dining restaurant in NYC.


2. Use industry-specific hiring assessments

Not all hiring assessments are created equal. What makes a restaurant manager successful isn’t the same as what makes a retail store manager successful. And it’s certainly not the same as an accountant or engineer. Use pre-hire screenings that are specific to your industry AND the role you’re hiring for.


3. Create your own custom company benchmark

Ever wish you could clone one of your employees? Custom benchmarks are the next best thing. Custom Company Benchmark reports define your company’s “special sauce” by scientifically evaluating and identifying the traits of your highest-performing employees—and then allowing you to compare all candidates against it.

You’re able to easily pick out which candidates best align with your brand’s unique value prop and proven factors for success.

This can be incredibly helpful if you’re opening a lot of new stores and need to scale your team quickly, but you don’t want to risk sacrificing customer service or your company culture in the process.


Ready to start finding high Hospitality Quotient hires?

By identifying candidates with high Hospitality Quotient potential — and then helping them strategically hone those six key behaviors once they’re onboard — you can significantly impact your employee retention, customer satisfaction and revenue.

Find out how Snagajob’s leading talent acquisition platform with built-in assessments and our #1 pool of 80+ million targeted hourly job seekers — can help you find and hire candidates with a high HQ today. Or post your job on Snagajob now and start getting great candidates today!