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It’s 2016—more than 40% of the entire world now uses social media, 84% of American adults use the Internet and 68% of U.S. citizens have smartphones. What does this mean for your business? The days of job listings in the classified sections of newspapers are over, and companies that embrace online job boards and other digital ways to seek job applicants are finding more and more success—and saving more and more time while they do it. There are many job searching websites and online job boards out there for job listings, but what should you use and how will it save you time and money?

Saving time & money with online job listings

Using online job boards can be a crucial time-saver for hiring managers and business owners who have to wear more than one hat and need to post job listings quickly and easily. When you play many roles in your business, you need something that can consolidate the process of posting jobs, organizing and reviewing applications, scheduling interviews and even hiring and onboarding new workers. There aren’t many online job boards that can boast that kind of utility.

More than a job searching website

At Snagajob, we know what it’s like to play more than one role every day, and that’s why we designed our platform for ease of use. In short, we want our offerings to be as utilitarian as possible, with the goal of providing the best service for both our seekers and our employers. So, how are we different from online job boards? How did we make ourselves stand out, and how does our platform make your life easier?

Instant returns

Post a job on our platform and job-seekers in your area are notified at once. Have a shortlist of applicants in mind? You don’t need to wait for them to come to you! We’ve made it so you can browse local job-seekers and connect with them right away on positions that are right for them. This eliminates that stressful time between hitting “Post” and that first email response—instead, you get to start right away!

A large user base

Our core base of seekers is composed of individuals between 16 and 30 years old, with at least three years of experience in a large range of industries like retail, hospitality, food services, beauty services, transportation, warehousing and more. Did we already mention that we have 65 million registered job-seekers using Snagajob to help find them their next position? Extend your reach to local or national candidates—whatever you need, we have the right person for it.

No need to repost or refresh

Tired of having to repost your job to keep it at the top of the list (and top of job-seekers’ minds)? With Snagajob’s online platform, seekers find you using ZIP codes and keywords. Your job posting stays fresh, relevant and local. Just post the information once and let us handle the rest.

Easy management

Piles of applications or an inbox full of emails are things of the past. Manage, organize, sort and review your applications in-platform. Schedule your interviews and even hire straight through your Snagajob account. Save time, paper and money by doing everything you need to do in one, clean digital place!

Access to information

We’re not only dedicated to helping the right people find the right jobs, we’re also passionate educators, thought leaders and experts in the industry. Access resources like infographics, hiring reports and surveys, blog posts and our employer resource center to get tips on hiring, retention, trends and more.