“What do I do if my crew members aren’t interested in a management role, but I want to promote internal promotion opportunities?” – June L.

It can be extremely valuable to promote from within your company. However, the harsh reality is that it’s a common sentiment among hourly workers to lack interest in management or upper-level positions for a variety of reasons. You need to assess possible explanations for this within your business. The following are the most common reasons and possible solutions.

Fear of responsibility. If you feel as though your crew members are apprehensive about taking on a larger role, explain that they would have the necessary support and training available to guide them through the transition. To prevent this in the future, steer new hires towards leadership when they enter into your company by offering constructive criticism on skills they can work on. Additionally, you can gradually give more responsibility to stellar employees in order to create a natural progression into a management position.

Content in current position. Hourly workers are often comfortable where they are and don’t see the need to change that. Typically, they don’t want to offset their work/life balance, which can be difficult to maintain in a management role with longer hours. Stress to your employees the benefits of being a manager such as more money and the opportunity to start a career path within your company.

Glass ceiling. Employees may lack confidence and feel as if they won’t be taken seriously for a management position. Make it clear that every crew member has the same development opportunities available to them. Share the personal career stories of managers in your store to not only inspire crew members, but inform them that internal promotion isn’t a far-fetched idea.

Overall, you need to make sure your current managers are happy and represent their position well; they should be helpful and motivating to subordinates. If crew members see a manager leading by example, they’ll be more likely to take interest in internal promotion opportunities.

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