On October 3, Aaron Samuels turned around during calculus class and asked Cady (pronounced Katie) Heron what day it was. The rest is history.

Today is Mean Girls Appreciation day, a day when fans of the film “Mean Girls” can flaunt their love/obsession of the movie by quoting lines all day and watching their personal DVD copies on repeat. For those not familiar with “Mean Girls,” it tells the story of a teenage girl who’s arrives at a new high school and falls in with the most popular clique on campus. What results is both entertaining and hilarious. But mostly hilarious.

In honor of the unofficial holiday, and in the spirit of holiday hiring, we put together a list of the best and worst of the Mean Girls to hire for your seasonal workforce. This list will probably make more sense to fans of the movie, so if you’ve never seen “Mean Girls,” today would be the perfect time to finally see one of the best films ever made, no exaggeration. Read on to see which ladies would make the best seasonal employees, listed from worst to best.

4. Karen Smith: Karen’s a sweet girl who loves Taco Bell and has an inept ability to predict the current weather, but she’s not exactly the brightest bulb in the batch. Her spaciness and overall lack of intelligence wouldn’t be a good fit for handling holiday shoppers, especially if you put her behind a cash register. Karen might actually be a better fit to work on Halloween; she can put together one heck of mouse costume.

3. Gretchen Wiener: Gretchen is pretty loyal…until something happens that causes her to emotionally snap and she reveals all of your secrets. You know, because she is such a good friend. The stress of the holiday season and the rush that usually accompanies it just might be too much for her, putting at her at No. 3 on the list. Plus, if anything went wrong, her father, the inventor of Toaster Strudel, would probably get involved.

2. Regina George: The queen of the Mean Girls, Regina George is outgoing, determined, and one time, she met John Stamos on a plane and he told her she was pretty. The point is, Regina seems like the perfect package. The girl survived getting hit by a bus, so she can pretty much handle anything, including  working through the holiday season. But Regina George has personally victimized a lot of people, so she might not be the best hiring decision.

1. Cady Heron: This math wiz from Africa would be a great addition to your seasonal workforce. She thinks quickly on her feet (“Everyone in Africa knows Swedish.”) and has no problem doing what it takes to get into the holiday spirit, even if that means donning a Santa hat and trotting out some sassy dance moves. Sure, she’s made a few mistakes, but Cady’s ability to admit when she’s wrong is admirable, making Cady the ideal holiday hire.

Honorable mention: Glenn Coco. You go, Glenn Coco!

Have a totally grool Mean Girls Appreciation Day! And remember, the limit does not exist.