At Snagajob, we love getting positive testimonials from hourly workers who have been hired by an employer that posted on Knowing we helped someone find their right-fit position is the best news we can receive from a job seeker. These testimonials not only provide great advice to other job seekers, they can also give employers some insight into the candidate side of the job search process. Take a look at this success story we recently received:

Moving to a new city and state to ‘start over’ isn’t always easy. I do not have a car so I needed a job that was close to my house and offered the kind of work that I had experience for. I was able to find a company that fit my needs through Snagajob. I was called for a second interview and was worried with how tough the economy is that I might not be selected, that maybe someone else was more qualified. I watched all the video tips on Snagajob to prepare for my interview and listened carefully. I was offered the job and I’m already on my third day of training. I now work for a wonderful company that cares for its employees and guests, which is so important to me. I wouldn’t have known about this job opportunity if it wasn’t for Snagajob. Thank you, Snagajob, for preparing me for a job that I know is just right for me. I will recommend Snagajob to any of my friends or family looking for employment. I say that if you can believe in yourself and commit to not giving up (it took me almost two months to find this job) then something wonderful will turn up. You must never give up the search. Happy hunting!”
– Rachel, Bistro Sever at Courtyard Marriott Hotel.

There are a few things employers can learn from Rachel’s story and implement into their own hiring process.

 – List perks — Rachel was concerned that not having a car would affect her ability to find a job and was lucky to find a position that accommodated her needs. When posting job openings, make sure to talk about what perks the position includes, such as how accessible your location is by public transportation or any flexibility you might have with scheduling. Preemptively providing this information addresses any concerns a job seeker might have and can lead to more applications.

 – Make candidates comfortable — Even after a second interview, Rachel was still nervous about her qualifications and her chances of being hired. Remember, most candidates coming in for an interview are excited about a possible job opportunity and can tend to become a bundle of nerves while being questioned. Maintaining a professional but comfortable atmosphere while interviewing will help your potential employee feel more at ease and help you get to know him/her better.

 – Reply in a timely manner — Like many other job seekers, Rachel had been on the job hunt for a while. Time, on both sides of the hiring process, is a huge factor. Try your best to follow up with a candidate within 48 hours of an interview. Whether or not you’ve decided to make them your newest employee, following up, even if to say you’re still trying to make a decision, lets candidates know they’re not forgotten.

Let Rachel’s story be an inspiration to you when looking for a new employee. Happy hiring!