Day Two of Snagajob’s Hire Minds Hiring Summit wrapped up last Friday afternoon, dropping the closing curtain on the third-annual conference. I’d like to take the chance to summarize the best of the best practices brought forth by our esteemed speakers during Day Two. (Be sure to check out the highlights of Hire Minds Day One, as well.)

3. Build Your EVP (Employer Value Proposition)
Ray Donnelly and Jackie Woodall of recruitment branding agency o2ideas believe that one litmus test for all would-be recruitment brands is this: it’s recognizably yours to the core. If your recruitment brand is so superficial that you could plop in another company’s logo here and photo there, and pass it off successfully, then your brand ain’t working for anyone. That said, it shouldn’t surprise you that Ray and Jackie go on to say that creating a uniquely compelling and specific EVP is key to your recruitment brand. What EVP bait have you put on the hook you’re dangling in front of applicants? And are they biting?

2. Be too Proud to Beg
The best recruitment brands aren’t the ones that are everything to everyone thereby creating an almost unmanageable applicant flow. No, the best brands are the ones that lay it all out on the table to help would-be candidates self-select out of the application process. For Chick-fil-A, this means being honest with applicants that they’re a popular quick-service chain where faith and polished customer service both play a role. And for Valvoline, it means having candidates sit through videos showing the job requires technicians to get down and dirty in the pits for customers. Having applicants self-select out of the hiring process frees up resources spent on filtering folks who will turnover quickly.

1. Social Media Screening is Happening…Now
And we’re not just talking about hiring managers flipping through candidates’ Facebook pages, which is still a great screening tactic to complement low-volume hiring because it’s free. More and more, employers are using third-party social media screening solutions that automate the process. You can imagine the number of efficiencies – and questions – this technology presents. Stay tuned.

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